Advancis Medical

Advanced wound care – It’s all we do and everything we do!

Advancis Medical is a UK based medical device company building an international reputation for developing, manufacturing and marketing a range of advanced wound care products.

Our company was the first to introduce medical grade Manuka honey as a medical device into the UK. Since 2004 we have been working with some of the worlds leading experts in their field, patients and their carers, to develop solutions to wound management challenges. Our range has been expanded to use the latest advances in material technology and now includes soft silicone atraumatic dressings, super absorbent dressings designed to handle high levels of exudate and fluid and our hydrophilic foam dressing range launched in 2011.

Whether we are working with clinicians, nurses, carers or our own team we always put the needs of the patient first. It is our commitment to people that drives our principles:

  • Reduced healing times
  • Maximise patient comfort
  • Provide cost effective solutions for healthcare professionals
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Ongoing and continuous products development
  • Commitment to development and education of our people