Alvalux Medical


Alvalux Medical is a Belgian-based medical device company that has received many awards in the field of wearable therapy. CicaLux®️ has achieved significant success in many countries, especially in Europe, with Energized Scar-Care. The company is also the creator of many FDA-approved devices for wearable therapy in the USA, and CicaLux®️ Energized Scar-Care is one of them.



CicaLux is a wearable, combination therapy, device specifically designed to help improve scar healing following c-sections, hysterectomies, tummy tucks, breast augmentation and similar incisional surgeries.


Indication For Use

CicaLux Energized Scar-Care is designed for use in adults to help prevent or reduce hypertrophic or keloid (raised) scars.


Intended Use

CicaLux Energized Scar-Care is designed to help prevent or reduce hypertrophic or keloid (raised) scars in adults.


How should I place the silicone sheet on the skin?

  • Wash hands (before and after each use).
  • Clean the scar and surrounding skin with mild soap and warm water. Pat dry with clean towel.
  • Place the silicone sheet smooth side centered over scar. Sit and lean back, or lie down, to help.

Optional: for shorter scars, use scissors to trim the legs of the silicone sheet up to the first ‘dot’ as needed. Trim the tape accordingly.

  • Remove the tape release liner.
  • Apply one ‘long’ side of tape first and then stretch it slightly when taping down the other side. Press the tape onto skin firmly to secure.
  • Use CicaLux for 4 to 8 hours in the first two days. Once comfortable, use up to 23 hours per day. You may bath and shower with it.


General Notes

CicaLux Silicone Sheet is designed to cover linear scars up to 15 cm long (eg cesarean section, hysterectomy, breast augmentation). For this reason, longer scars may require the use of two end-to-end layers (eg tummy tuck, abdominoplasty). In short scars, if necessary, you can cut the feet of the silicone layer up to the first point with scissors and use the product easily.