CovaWound™ Alginate

CovaWound™ Alginate

Alginate Dressing

A primary wound dressing made from the calcium salt of alginic acid (rich in Mannuronic acid). It is a flat non-woven pad or ribbon for application directly to open wounds or cavities.

A single layer wound contact dressing


When in contact with serum, wound exudate, or solutions containing sodium ions, the insoluble calcium alginate is partially converted to the soluble sodium salt, and a soft, hydrophilic, gas permeable gel is rapidly produced, which conforms to the contours of the wound and provides a micro-environment that facilitates wound healing.


CovaWound™ Alginate dressing may be applied to moderate to heavy exuding wounds like partial thickness burns, donor sites, leg, pressure, arterial, diabetic and venous stasis ulcers, cavity wounds, post-surgical incisions, trauma wounds and most other granulating wounds.