Exudate management: critical in wound healing

Well managed exudate can¹:
  • Shorten wound healing time
  • Optimise resources
  • Reduce the impact on the patient, both physically and psychologically


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    http://www.woundsinternational.com/pdf/content_42.pdf (accessed 05.04.2018)
Eclypse superabsorbers have Advancis’ CrystaLock technology::

  • Handle high levels exudate
  • Lock in core
  • Reduce leaks
  • Reduce risk of maceration

Dynamic fluid uptake maintains moist wound healing

Dynamic removal of excess exudate:
  • Ensures a moist wound healing environment is established and maintained
Optimal healing environment with the removal of detrimental cells like:
  • Infection causing bacteria
  • MMPs that can stall wound healing

Zero strikethough to improve patient Quality of Life

  • Frequent dressing changes and exudate leaking onto skin or clothes, can be distressing for patients, families and carers
  • Patients may experience social isolation and anxiety due to leakage of dressings²
  • Eclypse is the only superabsorber with zero strikethrough³


2. Faucher N, Safar H, Baret M, Phillippe A, Farid R. (2012) Superabsorbent dressing for copiously exuding wounds. Br J Nurs (Tissue Viability Supplement), 21, 12, S22-28.
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Four layers of confidence for effective exudate management

Rapid wicking layer    

  • Draws exudate from the wound bed
  • Ensures the wound doesn’t dry but maceration is avoided
  • Exudate is delivered into the CrystaLock layer

    CrystaLock layer     

  • Absorbs exudate and locks it within the dressing to prevent leakage
  • Associated bacteria is locked away too, which reduces the risk of infection

  Sub-backing layer    

  • Helps retain the dressing’s shape, encouraging even distribution of exudate

  Backing layer  

  • Non-strikethrough, preventing the patient embarrassment associated with leaks
  • High moisture vapour transfer rate (MVTR)
  • Water-resistant
  • Bacteria- and viral-proof