Eclypse Foot

Eclypse® Foot

Super absorbent foot wrap dressing

Eclypse Foot is a super absorbent dressing, designed to be applied securely around the foot area to manage wound exudate.

The dressing combines a rapid wicking polyester and viscose woven face with a sheet of highly absorbent crystals and mechanically bonded cellulose pad.The beige polyethylene backing is highly breathable, it provides a viral and bacteria proof barrier in addition to preventing strike-through.


Open out the dressing fully, white side up placing the end of foot in the middle of the dressing so the heel is at the edge. Fold the side panels over the foot one at a time and secure with tape. Eclypse Foot can be used under compression bandaging.

Wear time will depend on the level of exudate, daily changes may be required, but Eclypse Foot can be left in place for up to 7 days. Because of the excellent fluid handling capability of the dressing, it may become heavy and require changing.


Moderate to heavy exudating wounds: superficial wounds, pressure ulcers, arterial ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers.

Eclypse® can be used as a Primary dressing on wounds where exudate management is required in a clean wound.  Eclypse® can also be used as a Secondary dressing for exudate management where another primary dressing has been applied for treatment of the wound bed e.g. Collagen, Manuka Honey or Alginate.


Do not use on arterial bleeds or heavily bleeding wounds.