Urgo Medical

Urgo Medical is the medical division of Laboratoires Urgo (a French family company founded in 1880), and belongs to the Urgo group, which also markets brands such as Juvamine, Mercurochrome, Humex and Alvityl. Urgo Medical has been number 3 in the European wound healing market since 2014.

Because skin is a vital organ that is necessary for the good health and well being of all, Urgo Medical is committed to furthering knowledge on the treatment of wounds and injured tissues. To ensure efficacy that you can see, Urgo Medical offers innovative wound care solutions that help restore a patient’s life to its pre-injured state.


Committed to innovation that offers constantly better wound healing solutions, we are focused on demonstrating the clinical efficacy of our dressings.

In all, the efficacy, tolerability and safety of Urgo Medical TLC dressings have been evaluated in more than 50,000 patients drawn from 170 clinical areas across Europe. Over 600 clinicians were involved in these evaluations. This amounts to eight Randomised Controlled Trials, 25 observational studies and 22 other clinical studies.